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Our premium traps are all made with Galfan™ wire as opposed to common galvanized wire found in our value series traps. Independent testing has shown that Galfan™ has a much higher corrosion resistance, resulting in a three-time longer life than traps made with common galvanized wire. The Premium wild life trap shown above is the 30” rear release style trap. Our premium wild life box traps are manufactured with a heavy duty, re-enforced door, to provide maximum performance and superior animal retention.

Our Value Series Traps have double baked on black powder coating. Matte finish and extra high corrosion resistance. Double coated high strength welded wire for long life dependability. Easy to setup and ready to go in minutes. The Value Series traps are easy to clean and store. The best trap for the price anywhere!

Please note, we sell wildlife traps and wildlife bait. We do not guarantee that you will catch anything. We do not guarantee that an animal will eat the bait. We do not teach you how to trap any animals. If you have never trapped, or do not feel you can, please contact a professional trapper in your area. NO TRAPS ARE RETURNABLE ONCE USED. NO BAIT IS RETURNABLE ONCE OPENED.


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