Chipmunk traps and humane chipmunk catch release control trapsWhat Damage to chipmunks do?
When chipmunks are present in large numbers they can cause structural damage by burrowing under patios, stairs, retention walls, or foundations. They may also consume flower bulbs, seeds, or seedlings, as well as bird seed, grass seed, and pet food that is not stored in rodent-proof storage containers.

What bait should I use for chipmunks?
Prune pits, un-roasted peanuts, corn, peanut butter, cereal, grains, popcorn and sunflower seeds and apple slices. Sunflower seeds are my bait of choice.

Where should I place chipmunk traps?
Set the traps near the entrances to their dens and where they habitually travel.

Rear Release Box Traps

The most rigid and durable traps on the market.  Constructed of long lasting GalvaPerm wire. This revolutionary coating provides up to three times longer life than galvanized-after-weld wire. Mounted with reinforced spring loaded front door.  Trap rear door slides on steel frame for easy critter release and locks into place when shut.  Steel reinforcing around trap body.  Fully assembled and easy to set. 
17" long x 5" x 5"
Our Price $39.99

Our bait is easy to use, effective and fast to attract problem chipmunks, get your chipmonk problems under control quick with our professional grade bait

Safe-Catch Professional Live Bait

This is a Professional Bait that can be used inconjunction with our Live Traps. These baits are Professional Grade paste baits that have been field tested and have been used by Professional Trappers for years.

Safe-Catch - Chipmunks
Our Price: $9.99

Please note, we sell wildlife traps and wildlife bait. We do not guarantee that you will catch anything. We do not guarantee that an animal will eat the bait. We do not teach you how to trap any animals. If you have never trapped, or do not feel you can, please contact a professional trapper in your area. NO TRAPS ARE RETURNABLE ONCE USED. NO BAIT IS RETURNABLE ONCE OPENED.

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