Most of our items are in stock and shipped within 24 to 48 hours of purchase. In the rare situation that there may be a problem with the shipping date, we will email or call you. That's right, we may even call you, because you are that important to us.

If you prefer not to order online, you may call us. We accept all major credit cards.

Orders by Phone

To phone in orders, just call OnLine SuperStore, LLP at 407-349-2525 , making sure to have all item numbers, credit card, and mailing information handy.

OnLine SuperStore, LLP provides shipping at no cost for all orders over $100.00 shipped by UPS ground service to the Continual USA only. Orders under $100 ground shipping in the lower 48 states is $9.99. Any item(s) to AK, HI, or APO’s will have those S+H fee's added to the invoice total. If any item is returned that OnLine SuperStore, LLP provided no cost shipping, The shipping and handling charges will be deducted from the credit due on your returned item (s). If you refuse, or do not accept a shipment, any cost required to return the package to OnLine SuperStore, LLP will be at your expense along with the standard restocking fee. Please review the return policy below.

Order Cancellations:
We strive to process your order as quickly as possible in order to get it to you in a very timely manner. If you decide you must cancel your order, please do so by calling our office at 1-407-349-2525 - within 4 business hours of order placement. Our office hours are 9:30 am to 4:30 pm eastern standard time
No emailed cancellations can be accepted.

Orders cancelled after the 4 hour limit, but before shipment, will be charged a 10% cancellation fee. Once the order has shipped, it becomes the customer's responsibility to get a Return Authorization Number (RA #). This RA# must be obtained once your order has arrived. Get your Return Authorization Number by calling our office at 1-407-349-2525 - Our office hours are 9:30 am to 4:30 pm eastern standard time


OnLine SuperStore, LLP wants you to be completely satisfied with any product you purchase from us. We offer trained, knowledgeable specialists to assist you in making wise and appropriate choices for your needs.. To receive credit the items you return must have been purchased directly from OnLine SuperStore, LLP and be returned in the original packaging. Credit will be issued for the item, minus a 20% restocking fee and the shipping cost if we paid for the shipping to you.

Merchandise must be in a new re-sellable condition, in the factory sealed original packaging (if any) and must include all accessories provided by the manufacturer. All returns will be inspected by our returns specialists

You must print and complete the "Return Product Form" and send it back with the returning product. CLICK HERE FOR RETURN FORM Our return shipping address is on this form for most products. Ship back via UPS or FedEx. You must have and print your RA# on the outside shipping label or the package will be refused at our warehouse.

To contact us via e-mail:

You may reach us by phone at 1-407-349-2525 - Our office hours are 9:30 am to 4:30 pm eastern standard time.

We hope you will understand that our return policies are simply a way of continuing to offer our customers the finest products at the lowest possible prices.

If you call for a credit card dispute and it's shown that you did not follow the return policy instructions, any dispute fee's charged to OnLine SuperStore, LLP from your credit card provider will be charged back to your credit card.

Refused Orders:

Should you decide to refuse receipt of an item when delivered, and it was legitimately ordered from us, credit will be issued for the item, minus a 20% restocking fee and the shipping cost if we paid for the shipping. The credit will be issued once the item has been returned to us and inspected. 

Returns need to be requested within 30 days of invoice date. Initial and return shipping charges, even those shipped under OnLine SuperStore, LLP's free shipping offer, are not refundable. Return Policy Exceptions listed below.

All returns must have a Return Authorization Number. No returns will be accepted without receiving prior return authorization. We will refuse any package without the RMA number.

Merchandise must be in a new re-sellable condition, in the factory sealed original packaging and must include manuals, blank warranty cards and all accessories provided by the manufacturer. All returns will be inspected by our returns specialists.

Partial returns and/or damages will NOT receive a full credit. Items damaged through "wear and tear" or due to return shipping damage will receive PARTIAL or NO CREDIT at the discretion of OnLine SuperStore, LLP.

All returns are processed online using the following procedure.

To Receive your Return Authorization Number, send email to with the following information.

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Invoice Number
  • Invoice Date
  • Item Number of product(s) being returned
  • Reason for return

If any of this information is missing from your email, NO Return Authorization will be issued. NO EXCEPTIONS.

If these instructions are followed properly, you should receive your Return Authorization Number via email within 24-48 hours.

Please allow 15-30 days for your return to be inspected and for accounting to issue your credit.

Please Note - the initial cost of shipping will be deducted on orders over 100.00.

Why You Are Charged a ReStocking Fee on Returned Items

When companies have return losses such as customers sending back obviously worn items, or new items that have been opened and removed from their factory package that now has to be returned to the factory, the company must pass on the loss in some way. Ultimately they raise their prices so that everyone in the consumer buying pool pays the price for return abuses across the board. This is a standard pattern in the retail world that can be traced back for many years. Why do you think that the price of everything continues to go up?

Other things to consider about restocking fees:
1. Companies must pay a transaction cost or fees on every credit card transaction that a customer makes – both at the time of the purchase and the time of refund.
When a customer returns a product, for whatever reason, the company still must pay a transaction fee that ranges in percentage points from 1.75% to 2.85%. Which is a loss to the company ultimately.
2. Humans must deal with any returned products.

So many customers ask why there is a 20% restocking fees when all it takes is to put the product back on the shelf. They often ask – how hard can that be.

Think about that for a moment.
When a return package arrives it has to be logged in by a human. Another human has to open the box, inspect and verify that the return is qualified for a refund. Once the return has been inspected (and is deemed unused) the human has to enter the information for the refund into the customer’s account. They have to follow up to make sure that the refund is processed.

After the return is completely processed it is then “repackaged” appropriately. This can mean a variety of things from replacing the original packaging or returning it back to the factory for new packaging. This requires a shipping cost be paid both way. The cleared item must then be re-entered into inventory in the software that manages the invertory. Once the inventory has been updated the item must be bagged, tagged and then added to its original bin area.

As you can see, receiving returned products is not a simple matter of taking the box, opening it and sticking the returned product on the shelf.

It is also important to note that most people who have jobs expect to be paid for the work they do. Therefore every return that requires human intervention is a return expense.

While we wish that some of the processes for returns can be automated – and many have been – the human component will never completely be removed. Which of course means that it costs a company money to pay people to manage returns. We also wish that Restocking Fees were not necessary but when we did not have them, we consistently lost money and it could be traced back to returns. Many companies would prefer to avoid Restocking Fees but do want to remain in business.

The Lost Sale Factor
Besides the transaction fees and the human labor cost of processing returns there is also the “lost” sale factor. When a customer buys an item from an online store and they keep it in their possession for 14 days and then ask for a return, it means that the store can not sell that item yet it must ultimately accept it back, the company has actually lost sales on that item in the interim.

Necessary Evil for both Companies & Consumers
When you weigh all the various cost factors into returns, it should be clear that restocking fees are necessary evil in the retail world – both brick and mortar and online.

If companies do not have restocking fees, check their prices. You will probably discover that the majority of companies that don’t have strict return policies or charge restocking have much higher prices than companies that are known for offering great pricing options.

Are there exceptions to restocking fee?
All reputable companies will not charge restocking fees when the return is due to the company’s fault. That means if the wrong product was shipped by mistake or the products are damaged during shipping (which will often be investigated by UPS).

All of the major shipping companies have learned all the major “purchasing over the internet scams” and have many procedures in place to guard against claim of damage that are an attempt to get a free return.

Savvy Internet Companies Regarding Returns
Internet companies have also become very savvy at spotting returns that are not a 100% unused, regardless of what the consumer says. Some companies refuse to take back some types of items that have history of return abuse.

While Restocking Fees charges can be annoying, ultimately they protect both consumers (from paying higher products charges due to return abuse) and companies that are trying to provide an honorable service and run a profitable business.

No companies ever get rich from Restocking Fees. If anything, it helps them break even. Everyone wins – the consumers do not pay unnecessary higher prices, companies stay in business and people have jobs to go to.

Please note, we sell wildlife traps and wildlife bait. We do not guarantee that you will catch anything. We do not guarantee that an animal will eat the bait. We do not teach you how to trap any animals. If you have never trapped, or do not feel you can, please contact a professional trapper in your area. NO TRAPS ARE RETURNABLE ONCE USED. NO BAIT IS RETURNABLE ONCE OPENED.


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