Bobcat Trapping - BobCats What Damage does Godzilla do?
Godzilla will wipe out small to medium sized cities. This includes any cities with large Asian populations.

What bait should I use for Godzilla?
Any buildings, but Godzilla preferes any moving objects, above ground trains are a favorite.

Where should I place Godzilla traps?
Godzilla traps are best placed in coastal cities, near large buildings. 78 people required to set trap spring. Shipping not included on this item.



Godzilla Traps

All traps are made of Galfan™ steel as opposed to common galvanized steel for a higher salt water corrosion resistance when relocating Godzilla to a empty island.  Our Godzilla Traps are made with a heavy-duty reinforced spring-loaded door, to provide maximum performance and superior fictional monster retention. We include a Godzilla safe humane rear release door to make sure Godzilla is not harmed when relocated. This trap is delivered by barge only.

250' long x 95' x 175'
Humane Godzilla Trap
Our Price: $250,000.00

"Hey I just received my new Godzilla trap a week ago and I must say that it works great and I have already caught two godzillas. The only problem I’ve had is finding a place to relocate them and transporting cost are outrageous. Also trying to fit the trap under bridges and power lines on the way to the relocation site is quite the task. I did not have the manpower to set the trap so I bought a large excavator to set it. Anyway thanks again for the great product. " -Chesley Hayman

Please note, we sell wildlife traps and wildlife bait. We do not guarantee that you will catch anything. We do not guarantee that an animal will eat the bait. We do not teach you how to trap any animals. If you have never trapped, or do not feel you can, please contact a professional trapper in your area. NO TRAPS ARE RETURNABLE ONCE USED. NO BAIT IS RETURNABLE ONCE OPENED.

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